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Sauteed Scallops with Marinated Portabellos and TomatoThe Irish Rover from The Irish Rover

Sauteed Scallops With Marinated Portabellos And Tomato
Posted: 02/1/2007

1 Leek, chopped 2 Lb sea scallops 1 portabello mushroom, diced 1 Lb tomatoes, seeded and diced 3 oz balsamic vinegar 5 oz red wine, preferably merlot 3 oz veg. oil 1 T. garlic, chopped

The Irish Rover

Marinate the portabello in the red wine. Marinate the tomato in the balsamic vinegar. Heat oil in large sauté pan. Add scallops and cook over high heat, approx. 2 minutes. Add garlic, portabello and leeks. Cook until golden and add tomatoes, simmer for approx. 2 minutes. Serve over champ (potatoes mashed with butter and spring onions)

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