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Shrimp BisqueUptown Cafe from Uptown Cafe

Shrimp Bisque
Posted: 12/1/2006

5-6 shallots; minced (1 medium onion if shallots unavailable) 1 qt. cream sherry 8 qts. heavy cream 1 gallon milk 1 lb. lobster base 3 shots Tabasco 1 T. white pepper 1 dash nutmeg

Uptown Cafe

Flame shallots with the sherry and heavy cream. Add all milk except approx. 1 qt. Take lobster base and whisk thoroughly with the remaining milk an add. Incorporate all remaining ingredients and allow to come to simmer. Watch closely; bisque will rise to the top and foam over if heated to rapidly. Allow to simmer for approximately 10 minutes and allow to cool. When ready to serve, heat desired amount in pan with cleaned, halved shrimp. Heat until the shrimp are completely cooked and serve. This recipe yields approximately 3 gallons and can be cut or increased accordingly. Lobster base may be available at Lotsa Pasta, Burgers, or Liquor outlet.

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